Friday, November 25, 2011

Genetically Modified Foods

If you want to avoid as many genetically modified (GMO) products as possible, it's ideal to purchase items labeled "USDA Organic" or those with the "Non-GMO Project" label. Some companies that participate in this Non-GMO verification process include: Nature's Path Organic, Lundberg Family Farms, and Eden Foods.
By Jenna Blumenfeld, Delicious Living Magazine
"Buyers dedicated to non-GMO foods probably know the four main ingredients that are typically genetically engineered: corn, soy, canola, and cotton. But what about the hundreds of not-so-obvious additives derived from GMOs? Keep an eye out for these, and check for more."
Hidden GMO Ingredients:
Glucose        A simple sugar that can be naturally derived or chemically made from corn.    
                    Copious in sport and soft drinks, baked goods, and sweets.
Lecithin         An emulsion derived from soy. Found in some chocolates, ice creams, and other desserts.
Maltodextrin    An additive made from starch (usually corn) used as a thickening agent, etc. Appears 
                     in instant soups, soda, candy, beer, and other processed goods.

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  1. Perhaps you could explain why someone would want to avoid GMOs or why doing so has to do with veganism or animal rights. In my opinion its misguided and a very poor point of focus for animal rights activists. I welcome other vegans to read the blogs posts linked below written by a couple other vegans and myself, taking a more reasoned and science based approach to the issue.

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