Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Ask Amy" On Not Eating Fish

Q: I understand why you don't eat red meat, pigs, or chickens. But what's the deal with not eating fish?
A: Seafood was the last to go when I transitioned to a plant-based diet. There were three things that compelled me to stop eating fish:
1. Studies have verified that fish have nervous systems and feel pain. They suffer when they are caught and suffocate aboard fishing boats.
2. An increasing number of fish, like salmon, are farmed. They are jammed into tanks, unable to move and breathe properly, fed an unnatural diet of grain, and often left to suffer from various infections.
3. There are a staggering number of sea creatures who are caught in the nets, along with the sought-after fish. They are left to die on fishing boats and are then thrown overboard. These are known as by-catch, and their deaths are contributing to the destruction of certain marine species and the ecosystem. I'll likely include a separate email on the devastating effects of by-catch soon.

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